A series that I have digitally painted focusing on critically endangered species and aiming to raise awareness on the subject.  
The Bornean Orangutan’s population is estimated 104,700 - which shows a 50% decline over the past 60 years. Half of their habitat has been reduced by human activities in the past 20 years, such as hunting, logging, mining and agriculture
The population of Black Rhino’s has been reduced to 5,000-5,400, with their biggest threat to their existence is poaching.
The Sumatran tiger’s population has decreased to less than 400. This is due to deforestation, human-wildlife conflict and illegal wildlife trade.
It’s upsetting to see that mass consumerism has been put before these animal’s lives and their habitat. This will be a continuous project that I will expand to cover more animals and update the numbers yearly - I hope this project sees the numbers rise.
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